Aggy’s Reunion 2019

Aggy once again stepped up his game, both at riding, and organizing his event.  He buildt the middle jump even bigger, expanding to 25 meters, added a couple of new berms, and a final hip at the end of his line. Even though wind put a hold on most of the riding, Aggy managed to get in enough runs to take his whips to a new level, leaning into it in a way never seen on Freeride bikes before.

He added the AM Jam to take care of the local talents, and overall killed it on this one.

Monster Energy backed his event, and provided him with a filmcrew to properly show the world what went down during his event.


Graham Agassiz


Graham is a Canadian freeride mountain biker from Kamloops, British Columbia. Agassiz travels internationally, and has participated in mountain bike films and competitions. He has been a top qualifier at the Red Bull Rampage since 2014. He also began hosting "Aggy's Reunion" at the Kamloops Bike Ranch in 2014.






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