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Cruzfest 2019

“The idea for Cruz Fest started in Norway at the Hillbilly Huckfest. Jeff, Ryan and I wanted to contribute to the Fest Series because we felt honored to be apart of such a special style of event and we knew what the potential could be. While getting syked up to ride in Norway we were watching a moto Movie called “Chasing the Storm”, in that vid theres a local SantaCruz freerider Arik Swan that supposedly had a moto track on his property… Rdog pointed him out to us saying that this could potentially be the property for our event… The rest of the Fest liked the idea of coming to Santa Cruz and enjoying a week of the Cali life before the summer started… so we got to work.  We’ve never hosted an event before and we knew we needed to get some sponsors on board to fund our Pipedream but most of all we focused on the course and having the best jump lines we could build in our area.

We were able to house our Friends (Fest Riders) and have the course and media ready for the insane riding. Over all outcome was beyond our expectations.”

Kyle Jamesont.


Jeff Herb


Jeff is a badass dude and loves to ride his bike. That is not a big surprise if you live in Aptos and your roommates are Kyle Jameson and Ryan Howard. He throws down, both on his DJ and DH bikes, and is always down to have a good time with his friends.





Ryan Howard - R Dog


Ryan "R-Dog" Howard is by far and away the chilliest man in mountain biking. We dare you, nay, we challenge you, to find someone who has more fun riding their bike every day than Mr. Dog. You will not succeed. Style? Check. Good vibes? Check. Living in a van down by the river? Oh for sure. Ryan "R-Dog" Howard is what we all aspire to become. Ryan is at the competitions giving it a go, and will frequently take top honors for any event involving style, Whip-offs top this list. His earth shattering good vibes can be seen in videos throughout the year, and frequently make the cut for top videos of the year.





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