Hoff Fest

Kurt Sorges Hoff Fest course at Retallack features the biggest jumps in BC-Canada.

“First off I want to say thanks to everyone that helped make Hoff FEST at Retallack happen! We had one of the hottest summers in years while building the course and leading into the event, but when we showed up after Crankworx a ll we had was rain. We did all we could to try and make the jumps ridable all week and the Fest riders really showed what it was to work together and make shit happen! While the jumps weren’t ridable we had an insane time and I was stoked to have all my friends from around the world come hang out in my back yard. It was definitely a week for the books! After waiting the rain out (and shredding world class trails and maybe a bit of partying…) for 8 days we headed to Nelson for a couple days for a change of a scenery and rode some of my locals spots and chilled out. Finally the sun came out just enough for those two days to dry up the course so that we could go take another try at the jumps. The jumps worked almost perfect! There were a few big crashes while people figured them out, but pretty much it was game on and we had a hour and a half power session and I couldn’t have asked for much more! Can’t wait for next year! Enjoy…” – Kurt Sorge


Kurt Sorge


If you take a look at the biggest mountain bike videos, the biggest freeride events or the biggest jump lines you will find Kurt Sorge’s tire tracks there. 

Freeriding was born in Nelson, B.C. when Kurt was in his early teens and this birth would shape the rest of Kurt’s life on two wheels. Freeride has taken Kurt all over North America, Europe, South America and Asia. Mountain biking has brought Kurt to every corner of the globe and at still in his 20s, he is just getting started. 

After years of competing in freeride events all over the world, Kurt along with his closest mountain bike friends, decided to start their own series of events. Fest Series was born over the urge to send the biggest jumps in the world and not to have to drop in under the competition clock. In 2015, Kurt proved that the Fest Series attitude is the future of the sport when he won his second Red Bull Rampage title. 

“I never could have imagined where my love for mountain bikes would take me. Meeting new friends, traveling the world and the continuous desire for adventure keeps me hungry to get back on my bike for more.”






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