Graham Aggasiz


Graham is a Canadian freeride mountain biker from Kamloops, British Columbia. Agassiz travels internationally, and has participated in mountain bike films and competitions. He has been a top qualifier at the Red Bull Rampage since 2014. He also began hosting "Aggy's Reunion" at the Kamloops Bike Ranch in 2014.


Carson Storch


Carson Storch is a standout competitor on the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour and an up-and-coming talent known for his style and spins on a bike. He will be one to watch at contests like Red Bull Rampage and Red Bull Joyride for years to come.


Kyle Jameson


Born in Bend, Oregon Kyle Jameson has grown up with the crew in Santa Cruz, and has made a name for himself as a true Freerider, with loads of building-experience, massive amounts of style, and always a smile on his face.
As well as being a host of Black Sage, he is a judge at Red Bull Rampage.


Jeff Herb


Jeff is a badass dude and loves to ride his bike. That is not a big surprise if you live in Aptos and your roommates are Kyle Jameson and Ryan Howard. He throws down, both on his DJ and DH bikes, and is always down to have a good time with his friends.


Ryan Howard


Ryan "R-Dog" Howard is by far and away the chilliest man in mountain biking. We dare you, nay, we challenge you, to find someone who has more fun riding their bike every day than Mr. Dog. You will not succeed. Style? Check. Good vibes? Check. Living in a van down by the river? Oh for sure. Ryan "R-Dog" Howard is what we all aspire to become. Ryan is at the competitions giving it a go, and will frequently take top honors for any event involving style, Whip-offs top this list. His earth shattering good vibes can be seen in videos throughout the year, and frequently make the cut for top videos of the year.


Sam Reynolds


Basically, Sam just loves to ride bikes – whether it’s building jumps or turns, hitting the trails or spending a day in the woods, he sends it on whatever bike is put in front of him. He can also turn it on in competition, and has been a fixture on the FMB World Tour since 2010, podiuming at events all over the world.


Kurt Sorge

Hoff Fest

If you take a look at the biggest mountain bike videos, the biggest freeride events or the biggest jump lines you will find Kurt Sorge’s tire tracks there.

Freeriding was born in Nelson, B.C. when Kurt was in his early teens and this birth would shape the rest of Kurt’s life on two wheels. Freeride has taken Kurt all over North America, Europe, South America and Asia. Mountain biking has brought Kurt to every corner of the globe and at still in his 20s, he is just getting started.




Cycling is Makkens past and his future, and a place where he can express himself freely – without rules. For the third consecutive year in 2015, Makken was invited to participate in Red Bull Rampage. Beyond that he breaks out of the traditional competition direction and rides primarily for its own sake. He is a pioneer in the bike community in Norway, and has helped to launch and build the Fest Series and Hillbilly Huckfest.


Nico Vink


Retiring from world cup downhill in 2012 Nico has since become one of the biggest icons of freeride mountainbiking.
Having competed 4 times in Red Bull Rampage he’s now on the judges panel. He has built some of the world most
renowned lines.