Loose Fest 2019

Nico Vink has been racing DH World Cups for a decade, and he´s been killing it on the BMX since the 90s. When it comes to building jumps, he has some serious ideas in his head and his course is basically BMX trails with 24 meter gaps, buildt for a DH bike.  The line he buildt in the belgian bikepark “Ferme Libert” is probably the biggest jumps ever ridden on a MTB. Just making it through the jumps took the riders a few days, but at the end of the week they were sessioning the 24 meter gaps with no problem.



How to be there

Loose Fest can claim the biggest MTB jump-line in all of Europe,
and you have to be there to believe it!

The electricity in the air when the Fest crew starts their sessions, and the stoke from the crowd
is an experience well worth the visit! But then there’s contests, the people, and the possibility to bring your own bike
and ride the famous Ferme Libert bike park.

There’s a basic campsite where you can pitch a tent for 5€ pr.day, and plenty of hotels in Malmedy, a 10 minute drive away.

If you come by plane the closest airport is Brussels.


Nico Vink


If you’ve been in the downhill or freeride scene for any amount of time, Nico Vink is probably a name you’re familiar with.

Weather it’s through Red Bull Rampage, the bike parks and jumps he’s built all over the world, Fest Series, or his sick riding style, featured on countless films and edits.

Retiring from world cup downhill in 2012 Nico has since become one of the biggest icons of freeride mountainbiking.
Hosting both Loose Fest and Royal Fest he’s a force to be reckoned with, as both a rider and a builder.






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Fest series clearbackgroundcirckle.png