Royal Fest

In the last 5 years Fest Series has become one of the most popular and respected event series in mountain biking. Through video and photo content it has amassed more than so million impressions, all while serving the core of mountain biking.

Royal Fest/Moto Fest will magnify the Fest Series success by expanding into motocross. By introducing the Fest Serles format and personality to motocross it will once again stand alone In the endemic scene.

The combination of moto and mountain bikes will allow cross-pollination between scenes aggressively intensifying media saturation for both spots.

The Fest Series' success continues to build momentum making it the optimum time to expand into other disciplines. The similarities to the motocross scene make it the easy first choice.

Fest Series builders will create never before seen motocross features woven together with an equally challenging mountain bike trail/line.

The level of riding will allow only an exclusive list of the most talented riders in world to participate on either side of the event. The combination of big, fast jumps and the best riders will make this one of the most viewed events of all time.


Nico Vink


If you’ve been in the downhill or freeride scene for any amount of time, Nico Vink is probably a name you’re familiar with.

Weather it’s through Red Bull Rampage, the bike parks and jumps he’s built all over the world, Fest Series, or his sick riding style, featured on countless films and edits.

Retiring from world cup downhill in 2012 Nico has since become one of the biggest icons of freeride mountainbiking.
Hosting both Loose Fest and Royal Fest he’s a force to be reckoned with, as both a rider and a builder.






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